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"Words, words, words."

tempting the wrath of whatever from high atop the thing...

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Congratulations, you've found the Wonderful World of tediousandbrief!

tedious (adj.) tiresome because of length or dullness
brief (adj.) short in duration, extent, or length

tediousandbrief • (noun) also known as David or Dave. A rather small in stature, Chicagoland native trying to seek out a life with a recently acquired J.D. Generally friendly. Doesn’t bite…well, usually. Frequently seen in the company of a grey cat whose very long name is usually shortened to Zara.

Likes: traveling, my cats , voting, tea, traveling, Haruki Murkami books, Democrats, mojitos, history, reading, soups, foreign and independent films, so-called “angry girl music,” The Art Institute of Chicago, Claude Monet, Marshall Field, elections, Chicago, good food, libraries, flying, used & old books, airports, nice people, making new friends.

Dislikes: mean people, mathematics, smoking, bees & wasps, the great recession, my friends living far away, Macy’s spelling, bills.

“Friends are the family we choose for ourselves” - Edna Buchanan

"And all of us, one way or another, are insane." - Paulo Coelho, 'Veronika Decides to Die'

"Ramon is very persuasive, and he painted a terrible picture of what it would be like for her to live the rest of her life in America, with all of its crime, consumerism, and vulgarity. All those loud, badly dressed, fat people watching their eighty channels of television and visiting shopping malls. The plastic throw-everything-away society with its notorious violence and racism. And finally, the total lack of culture." - Marta, Whit Stillman's Barcelona

"Politics is about the improvement of people's lives, lessening human suffering, advancing the cause of peace and justice in our country and in the world." - Senator Paul Wellstone, The Conscience of a Liberal

A radical is a man with both feet firmly planted — in the air. A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned to walk forward. A reactionary is a somnambulist walking backwards. A liberal is a man who uses his legs and his hands at the behest-at the command — of his head. - President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Radio Address to the New York Herald Tribune Forum, 26 October, 1939

"I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for the American people." Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Speech Accepting the Democratic Party Nomination in Chicago, 2 July, 1932.

"Empires crumble, my friend, republics founder, and fools survive." - Bande à part by Jean-Luc Godard.

"And reality has a well-known liberal bias." - Stephen Colbert, Speech at the White House Correspondence Association Dinner (29 April, 2006)

lilyforthewin: Is there no mint in your accursed country?
tediousandbrief: I live in the same country as you do.

lilyforthewin: you are like the burned-over district of LJ fighting

starthieving: You are unapologetically you and that's admirable.

B: "You have a lot of old school beliefs for a liberal"

celeritas_3e8: Your exhuberant enthusiasm for corned beef and cabbage is kind of endearing! :D


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