Feb. 28th, 2017

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Once again it is Paczki* Day. My dad brought in strawberry and apricot flavored ones. I find it odd that I never really cared for them until a few years ago. Granted, I've never been a big fan of filled donuts to begin with. My aunt up in Mount Horeb has nowhere to get Polish foods like decent sausage or Paczki, so she's literally making them as I type this. I'm pretty amazed by that!

Tonight is the Address to Congress by Trump (aka the faux State of the Union). I kind of wish that Obama would come back for the State of the Union (the outgoing president can present their own State of the Union, though I think Carter was the last one to do so and he did it in a letter.) It is also the Purdue/Indiana basketball game, so I'm not sure which I'll watch. Purdue has been mostly doing well this year and the IU/Purdue game is one of the biggest of the season. I may end up switching between them.

I also kind of want to get a subscription to the LOT inflight magazine. It is well written and kinda reminds me of my trips to Poland. I've noticed someone is selling them for fairly cheap (a few bucks) on ebay (the shipping is far more than you'd pay for the magazine. It is available online but I still find reading things from a computer screen that are THAT long difficult and a bit straining on my eyes.

* Paczki (pronounced sort of like Poounch-key) are jelly or cream filled sort-of donuts that are either lightly glazed or covered in powdered sugar. Poles eat them on either the Thursday or Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. In the US we tend to eat them on the Tuesday, while Poland does it more on Thursday.


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